Thursday, March 26, 2015

Groovy or unusual shawl

Hi dear readers!
Look what I made. It's a groovy shawl. I found a  free pattern on the Russian Internet and slightly changed it. So the shawl got longer and I changed one of the ends of this one, it got wider.

 I'm not sure that Russian pattern is for free so I give a description for  my shawl. Sorry for my language, I don't know special terms for knitting. If you have any questions just let me know I'll be happy to explain. 
So lets start.
I took:

I suppose that thinner threads could be better for this shawl. But I had the same threads because my daughter started learning how to knit and couldn't complete  her scarf, in her opinion, it's boring.

 This shawl is knitted in 3 directions so it has three different parts . On the photo bellow I didn't remove markers from the ready shawl and marked two points out where shawl changes the directions.

 Set up: I  cast on 3 knits.
Each 6 Row : add 1 stitch, all additional stitches must be on the internal side of the shawl (or in the end of each 6 row, mark the needed side), follow  the next 40 waves
 After the 1st part you need to change a direction of the knitting,  so in each 2nd row on the internal side you need to add 1 stitch and simultaneously close 1 stitch in each 6th row. Make next 19 waves (1 wave = 6 rows).
When you make the last wave of the second part you need to change a direction again. Knit 1 stitch in each row for the internal side of the shawl, and close 4 stitches in the beginning of the each 6th row. Follow next 20 waves. For the last wave you don't need to add 1 stitch in each row just close 4 stitch in 6th row.

Enjoy your craft. See you soon