Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Many things in one post

Do you use  small cuts in your projects? I do. Making my daughter quilt I decided to use cuts from one patch  to make another one and what I got


... funny butterflies 

 I made them from the cuts shown  on the photo above and embroidered around.

... suppose this patch looks more attractive then a patch with simple squares

 Another one my studying process is Irish crotchet. This is my first attempt and in spite of it these flowers and leaf look properly. I made the photo on the linen which was bought in the craft show in Rose hill, Sydney. I were there last Saturday. I couldn't say that I got an unforgettable experience because the similar shows in Russia look richer because of Craft supplies galore and huge quantity of craftsmen. But only the thing that I must note that all the handmade things on this show were unique and made in excellent quality. I was glad to see some quilts and knitted things.  I met many talented craftsmen here in Australia which don't want to participate in the same shows and I don't know why, they make so unusual things which could be loved by other people.
 This stuff is a berry necklace. I made it in a hippie style. All the part of it are tatted.

Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your crafts see you soon.