Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi dear readers!
Today I want to show you my current processes and  other interesting things. I'm still making my daughter's quilt, because other interesting things put me off it. The photos bellow are the butterfly patches variations and embroidered "friends" patch.

This is one of four similar patches. I bought the fabric for stripes but the print seems me interesting but so boring and I decided to make an embroidery using a print like a pattern. One is ready. 
Three others are in a line ;-)

.... making a collar
 ...and this is Lithuanian flax (linen threads), I bought it on Etsy. It's a 1 pty thread. I'm going to use them for hand quilting because the thread is very firm (don't need to wax). I suppose that  it's even suitable for heavy duty sewing.
 I got an interesting Japanese book how to make  hats. All the instructions are in Japanese, but patters, schemes and photos are very friendly.
Thank you for your visit. See you soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Groovy or unusual shawl

Hi dear readers!
Look what I made. It's a groovy shawl. I found a  free pattern on the Russian Internet and slightly changed it. So the shawl got longer and I changed one of the ends of this one, it got wider.

 I'm not sure that Russian pattern is for free so I give a description for  my shawl. Sorry for my language, I don't know special terms for knitting. If you have any questions just let me know I'll be happy to explain. 
So lets start.
I took:

I suppose that thinner threads could be better for this shawl. But I had the same threads because my daughter started learning how to knit and couldn't complete  her scarf, in her opinion, it's boring.

 This shawl is knitted in 3 directions so it has three different parts . On the photo bellow I didn't remove markers from the ready shawl and marked two points out where shawl changes the directions.

 Set up: I  cast on 3 knits.
Each 6 Row : add 1 stitch, all additional stitches must be on the internal side of the shawl (or in the end of each 6 row, mark the needed side), follow  the next 40 waves
 After the 1st part you need to change a direction of the knitting,  so in each 2nd row on the internal side you need to add 1 stitch and simultaneously close 1 stitch in each 6th row. Make next 19 waves (1 wave = 6 rows).
When you make the last wave of the second part you need to change a direction again. Knit 1 stitch in each row for the internal side of the shawl, and close 4 stitches in the beginning of the each 6th row. Follow next 20 waves. For the last wave you don't need to add 1 stitch in each row just close 4 stitch in 6th row.

Enjoy your craft. See you soon

Monday, March 23, 2015

Knitted socks

Hi  dear visitors!
It's getting colder. This time my goal is to prepare my family for a winter so I've already shown my hubby's socks in one of the previous posts, now it's time for my daughter's ones. The last winter was very cold and not cozy for us because we didn't  wait for the similar weather so we left  the majority of warm clothes in Russia. We bought some but the range of the same things here is very limited or I don't know about right  places to buy and frankly speaking I don't like design of the clothes. In my life I prefer only natural and eco materials for clothing so some times I have to make some clothes for my family on my own, socks for example or other knitted things.

The photos bellow are from our walking last week.  

 here is my daughter.
 On these photos you can show the plants in the Quinn Victoria garden. All seasons there are different The best one is the spring, others are good and hot, but current one is the most colorless. The Nature fades and prepares for a winter.

In spite of many words written above we were happy about this walking because the weather was fine and we were together,
Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your life. See you soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Many things in one post

Do you use  small cuts in your projects? I do. Making my daughter quilt I decided to use cuts from one patch  to make another one and what I got


... funny butterflies 

 I made them from the cuts shown  on the photo above and embroidered around.

... suppose this patch looks more attractive then a patch with simple squares

 Another one my studying process is Irish crotchet. This is my first attempt and in spite of it these flowers and leaf look properly. I made the photo on the linen which was bought in the craft show in Rose hill, Sydney. I were there last Saturday. I couldn't say that I got an unforgettable experience because the similar shows in Russia look richer because of Craft supplies galore and huge quantity of craftsmen. But only the thing that I must note that all the handmade things on this show were unique and made in excellent quality. I was glad to see some quilts and knitted things.  I met many talented craftsmen here in Australia which don't want to participate in the same shows and I don't know why, they make so unusual things which could be loved by other people.
 This stuff is a berry necklace. I made it in a hippie style. All the part of it are tatted.

Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your crafts see you soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daughter's quilt (flower)

 Hello dear readers!
I've just complete a flower which I made leaves for.This is an applique. I used exactly this fabric because it reflects young women' wishes ( I hope), what they like. Even if they don't like pink colors, they do like different cute female stuffs.
 My daughter is a teenager, she is trying to apply many different faces and styles for herself and her mood is very changeable  but I note when nobody unknown is about her and she is with us, her family, she is always a little girl in pink clothes with pig tails and with very kind and fragile soul.

Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your family time crafts. See you soon.