Friday, October 24, 2014

The owl bag

I've just completed a new bag from Japanese fabric. It was an interesting process because I hadn't worked with any Japanese fabric. My respect for all the quilters who use it. For this bag I used hand quilting it almost looks like sashiko but I quilted with hand quilting threads. The design of this bag is mine. The top  and back side are different like day and night. I drew and stitched a little owl toy as a decorative  element, it helps the bag to appear less serious.  This bag  you  can find  in my Etsy shop.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spring projects

Hello all!
Spring is surfing and getting warmer. I have new visitor in my balcony garden, it's a ladybug.

  Before my family came here all the family members had had a birthday in other seasons. My daughter and I for example have had a birthday in autumn, now in spring, as for my husband, he is luckier when we are because he has a birthday in Aussie summer. So I wrote this because we have my lovely daughter's birthday party this Monday and we meet our dear friends which live far from us and visit us on this happy day. I decided to give him some presents and one of them is bellow. This is sun glass holder for stylish lady who loves rose and violet colors and polka-dots cloths.
As for my current projects I'm about to complete the sly fox pillow covers and make patterns for them. I use quilting, back stitch embroidery, applique and other ways of handcraft  in this project. Please see it soon here.
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Rose bag

As I've announced in the previous post I made a new bag. It's unusual project for me because of  shape and the ways of decoration. I used hand quilting  here and I don't use it very often in my projects, I made fabric roses using the rococo way for ribbons and created the report (tutorial) how I made them. For the front side of the bag where is hexagons' panel I implemented the English paper piecing  way. So here the photos:

The bag has a pocket and key keeper inside.

And promised tutorial for roses

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Moon eclipse and new projects

Hello all!
The day before yesterday all the people could see the Moon eclipse. The best view was in Australia . My husband is fond of astronomy and he managed us to view this case because it happens very rare. Unfortunately it was very cloudy that night but we could make photos here they are:

And about  my current projects.
A new pillow cases with my fox.

.... and one more bag with owls. I adore owls. I use the Japanese fabric in this project and steampank  charms. So meet it soon in the air :-).

And the last one is like an announce. I've completed a new romantic bag but I have not had enough time to make photos so I show them a little bit later when I make.  I can say about the shape and colors of this bag.I applied many decorative elements and made the tutorial for one of them.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spring news

Spring came and everything is blossoming. The views below are near my house. Today my daughter and I were walking around and made some photos. I couldn't voice how beautiful it is around here.

My mood is so good and I have much more imagination and creative plans for this spring. So I completed a new bag. The pattern of this bag is mine, I used the crockery element and buttons with interesting texture  to decorate this bag.   

I picked the earlier bags to show  better photos. So here they are:

Thank you for your visit. See you soon. Have a good night.