Friday, September 4, 2015

Spring updates

Hi my dears!
Long time no hear from me. I have a reason for it. I made master class with Alla Visir. It was beautiful to work with this famous Master. I got many pleasant impressions and knowledge.The result of this masterclass is my brooch.

 Here is a back side of the brooch. It was really great experience. When I start learning to tat I was going to make some details for my quilts. Now I realize that it's getting serious for me. I'm happy when I tat. When I found Alla Visir and her tatted things I was so impressed and decided to ask her to teach me. She has several masterclasses and brooch is most attractive by volume of the getting knowledge. It took about month to complete this studying. I like the way she taught me. The class consist of 10 parts. All the parts are described with photos and patterns moreover you have an opportunity to ask about the process any time via email. When you complete a part she give  a comment and if everything is right you get the next part. So it's a great common work.

 The photo bellow is my parallel process. It is in the middle now.

And of course I can not live without something new. I make a small turtle. Here is its shell, other parts are in the process.
Thank you for your visit. See you soon. Enjoy your crafts!