Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost ready....

Hi my dears!
When the world waits for  summer I still prepare my family for winter. It's coming so soon. Nights and mornings are already cold.  I've  taken our warm clothes and  suppose that a pair of new knits wouldn't go amiss.

 ...this is the process of making my hubby's sweater. The pattern of cables I took from The Knitter magazine. The yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland wool I got from Knitpicks last week.   

Have you ever made a tweed fabric? I've made. The photo bellow shows what I got. I took the thin wool with the needles s3 and knitted using a herringbone stitch. The thing I made I'll show later. Let it be a secret yet. 
... and I'm still in process of making my daughter's quilt, I need to make a few patches to complete it, Hope it happens soon.
 and my lovely process is the lace. It's my favorite one. It's not so fast because it's not so urgent.
Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your crafts. See you soon.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tatted collar

Hi dear readers!

Let me show you today a new collar. It's not the time to make the similar things because  winter is coming but I decided to complete all the current processes and only after that  start new ones. This collar was the first completed because it does not need to sit all the time on the firm chair ( I've got a flue last Wednesday). So next in the line is the quilt and a box for tatting stuffs.

about this collar.... This pattern is from the Pascale Provost book. It took a week to make it. The pattern is very easy. If you are interested in this pattern I can sent you just let me know.  
Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your day. See you soon.