Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi dear readers!
Today I want to show you my current processes and  other interesting things. I'm still making my daughter's quilt, because other interesting things put me off it. The photos bellow are the butterfly patches variations and embroidered "friends" patch.

This is one of four similar patches. I bought the fabric for stripes but the print seems me interesting but so boring and I decided to make an embroidery using a print like a pattern. One is ready. 
Three others are in a line ;-)

.... making a collar
 ...and this is Lithuanian flax (linen threads), I bought it on Etsy. It's a 1 pty thread. I'm going to use them for hand quilting because the thread is very firm (don't need to wax). I suppose that  it's even suitable for heavy duty sewing.
 I got an interesting Japanese book how to make  hats. All the instructions are in Japanese, but patters, schemes and photos are very friendly.
Thank you for your visit. See you soon.