Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My new home habitants

We inevitably become mature people but anyone stays a child forever. Anyone want to forget about old friends from childhood but another one needs reminding from that time to be happy in the mature life. Decorative softies could back you in your cozy and easy-going childhood. Please meet my new soft habitants.

My hubby helped me to make photos when we traveled to small town St.Albas. All my softies made from the cotton fabric and eco-friendly filling. The size of rooster is 47 sm. Many thanks for rooster pattern to its maker, Unfortunately I don't know who made rooster pattern I found it long time ago on the Internet.

The baby sheep is very petite, all my family members love it. It's just 23 sm. It's able to sit and stay. The body pattern is mine, the head pattern I took from Pretty toys pattern. 

And the baby doll is named Autumn. The idea isn't mine but pattern I made my own. I used a cotton stretched fabric for its body and head.

This baby cow wasn't in the big trip with us. It's left at home. It can stay and sit. Pattern isn't mine, many thanks for it to an author.

It's not the end. I've already made a bunny pattern. The photos and the pattern in my blog soon. Thanks for your reading. See you.