Monday, March 23, 2015

Knitted socks

Hi  dear visitors!
It's getting colder. This time my goal is to prepare my family for a winter so I've already shown my hubby's socks in one of the previous posts, now it's time for my daughter's ones. The last winter was very cold and not cozy for us because we didn't  wait for the similar weather so we left  the majority of warm clothes in Russia. We bought some but the range of the same things here is very limited or I don't know about right  places to buy and frankly speaking I don't like design of the clothes. In my life I prefer only natural and eco materials for clothing so some times I have to make some clothes for my family on my own, socks for example or other knitted things.

The photos bellow are from our walking last week.  

 here is my daughter.
 On these photos you can show the plants in the Quinn Victoria garden. All seasons there are different The best one is the spring, others are good and hot, but current one is the most colorless. The Nature fades and prepares for a winter.

In spite of many words written above we were happy about this walking because the weather was fine and we were together,
Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your life. See you soon.