Saturday, April 26, 2014

Make my new home cozy

      So we found a new place for living. This is a beautiful area in the Hills District, Sydney. There are many lovely houses and plants around here. I think everyone who lives here is happy to see this scenery every day. There are orange trees near roads, vivid gardens everywhere and I decided to reflect all my impressions on the pillow.

     I used here many things which were new for me. Usually I make a picture with painting or cross stitching but I've wanted to try Rococo method of stitching in this case. It was really interesting experience. When I looked for a Rococo style description the Internet I  met  many photos with vintage Rococo and was so impressed how popular it is. I joined fans.  Here it is my result that I've got.

May be my experience will be useful. Thanks for reading. See you soon in Cozzyland.