Friday, October 10, 2014

Moon eclipse and new projects

Hello all!
The day before yesterday all the people could see the Moon eclipse. The best view was in Australia . My husband is fond of astronomy and he managed us to view this case because it happens very rare. Unfortunately it was very cloudy that night but we could make photos here they are:

And about  my current projects.
A new pillow cases with my fox.

.... and one more bag with owls. I adore owls. I use the Japanese fabric in this project and steampank  charms. So meet it soon in the air :-).

And the last one is like an announce. I've completed a new romantic bag but I have not had enough time to make photos so I show them a little bit later when I make.  I can say about the shape and colors of this bag.I applied many decorative elements and made the tutorial for one of them.

Thank you for you visit.See you soon.