Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foxes' pillowcases and new tatting project

Hello dear readers!
These New Year holidays were very busy. My mother in law were with us here and we were traveling a lot and I didn't have enough time to sew. In spite of this hot time I could complete my  pillowcases, so here they are

I love them a lot because I like the orange color. The foxes' personage for these pillowcases came to my mind when I saw my friends' dog, I love this dog so much and she looks and behaves like a fox.
When we were in the eastern part of Sydney I found an interesting fabric shop, prices there were reasonable and I bought fabric for tunic and dress for my daughter. As decorative element for the tunic I decided to make tatted lace. So I've started the process and made one element.
The pattern for this element I took here. This blog belongs to a very talented  woman. Thanks her a lot for this pattern. I couldn't say that it's very easy pattern, it's necessary to know how to make a cluny leaf. I specially took a lesson for it last week. So it's not difficult when someone explain. I've got a good explanation, many thanks Lyall, my teacher.

Thank you for your visit. I'll appreciate your comments. See you soon.