Monday, August 11, 2014

Just for inspiration

Hello all!
In this post I want to share my impressions with you.  We were in a beautiful National park this Sunday (Bouddi National park). The weather wasn't sunny and it allowed  us to walk long time. When we came there we were surprised that car park is for free unlike this one in other National parks. And it was the first surprise, all the things that we could see further were more pleasant.

We were on the coast during the low tide so we could see some marine inhabitants. The structure of the ocean floor is  various. There are so many textures. It makes me impressed.

 It's a seashell which was trying to get some tan :-).
 And a huge sea urchin...

shells and dried ocean plants are with terrific colors and textures...

 But we were more impressed by scenery.   It's all the landscapes which made by Nature. Australia is the oldest continent and some stones might be eyewitnesses of dinosaurs.   Sometimes it looks like a cosmic landscape.

So  that's it. Enjoy your day and night.Thank you for the reading. See you soon.