Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's getting cold and time to buy hot water bottle

It's  an Australian winter. When I was in Russia and someone told me that Aussie winters are very cold I didn't believe him. But now when it's our second winter here I believe. So we bought coolers and it got warmer, but when we go to bed its cold anyway. I decided to buy   hot water bottles and make them covers. And here it is that I got:

Blue one was my husband's one while I made red one. He told me that red one is more attractive and looks warmer ;-). I used English paper piecing way to make them.
And the last one is for my daughter, it's very petite. 

The back side for all covers is the same. It's very comfortable. All the hot water bottle covers are 100% cotton and keep hot all night. Thank you for reading. Enjoy your days and nights. See you soon.